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About us.

Boxholms Profil AB is a manufacturer of roll-formed profiles and has been in Boxholm since the company was founded in 1981. We produce advanced profiles for a variety of industries.

Roll forming is an advanced technology that enables us to create profiles with great precision. Roll forming as a method is both energy efficient and minimizes waste. We are proud to be experts in this production method, and our team has a broad expertise in all stages of the roll forming process.

We are also proud of our commitment to sustainability, which includes not only the environment, but also social sustainability and economic growth that is sustainable in the long term. By pursuing these goals, we can ensure that we contribute to a better future for ourselves, our customers and future generations.

Quality and sustainability are our guiding stars and therefore we place great emphasis on ensuring that our profiles meet the highest standards. We also work actively to minimize our impact on the environment, by using innovative technologies and processes that are energy efficient and reduce our carbon dioxide emissions.

Some milestones:

  • 1981 - The company is founded by Bo Ström.
  • 2004 - Oskar Ström takes over as CEO.
  • 2006 - Large expansion of the production hall.
  • 2007 - First roll forming line with laser welding is installed.
  • 2017 - Expansion with another large production hall. 3-meter CMM measuring machine is installed.
  • 2019 - New technology hall is built.
  • 2020 - Expansion of premises for customer warehouse.
  • 2021 - Further expansion of customer warehouse approx. 2000 m2 .

Boxholms profil AB

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