A value-creating sub-supplier of roll- formed profiles.

We combine new knowledge with proven experience. This is how we develop ourselves and create reliable and customer-unique products of the highest quality. With us, lead times and decision paths are short, so that we can meet our customers' requests regardless of when they appear.

We work with a high level of automation. It creates a better and safer working environment for all our employees. In order to continuously improve the work environment and safety within our entire operation, especially regarding all our manufacturing equipment, we continuously update our risk analyses. Further improvements are a high priority and we always follow up their effect.

We like to get into the process early in order to be able to come up with the best solutions together with our customers. We are happy to have a dialogue about materials and design in order to create products that comply with our customers' requirements and at the same time take into account resource use and sustainability.

We work with the latest technology in the production, design and construction of rolled profiles. Thanks to our optimization of the tools in our test center and high-tech equipment, we can deliver reliable products with extremely high repeatability and reliability.


  • With the help of CAD software, the customer's functional and design wishes are visualized and the basis is produced with associated documentation
  • Product drawings are produced
  • Tool construction
  • FEA. Simulation of tool function
  • Roll forming tools, cutting and punching tools are manufactured
  • Test Center
  • Outcome samples are produced for control and verification
  • Full-cycle testing to optimize production stability.
  • Approval


New projects in detail. We do FEA simulation after our 3D CAD modulations, which allows our designers to quickly and realistically check the process stability of the tools that do not yet exist other than as computer models. FEA simulation of the roll forming tools creates the conditions for an optimal process.

See our videos of FEA simulation below.

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